HC3 Team Selection

Every year the Harvard Computing Contest Club (HC3) fields at least two teams of 3 undergraduates each to compete in the Northeastern Regionals of the ICPC Programming Competition. The Harvard team that does best there, if it does well enough, goes to the North American Championship, and if that team does well enough there, the team goes to the ICPC World Finals.

Team members are determined by competition in Team Selection Contests. 5 or more members are selected to teams each year. In some years a student who has sufficient ICPC contest experience may be `grandfathered' and may be placed on the first team without participating in the Selection Contest, so this student may help run the Selection Contest.

HC3 runs practices, some of which are at set times, and some of which are facilities available 24x7. See the schedule.

Before you try out for the team, check whether you can make the dates of the Preliminaries, Regionals, and World Finals listed in the schedule.

You can participate in either the Team Selection Programming Contest or Team Selection Theory Contest or both. Teams are selected from the results of these contests according to the Team Selection Rules. Briefly, each of the first two teams has a core of 2 students who excel in the Programming Contest, and this core tries to choose a third team member who excels in the Theory Contest. Third and fourth teams can also be formed, but must have at least one student who has solved at least one Programming Contest problem. ICPC Regional, North American Championship, and World Final contests are of course programming contests and not theory contests.

In order to participate in Team Selection Contests you should notify us by emailing hc3-coaches@g.harvard.edu. You must be a full time student at Harvard College at the time of the Regional Contest (usually in the Fall Semester).

We need to have a good estimate of how many are coming to the in order to provide materials. If you decide not to participate after all, email us again so we have good estimates.

You can participate in a selection contest even if you do not want to be on a team (e.g., in order to practice against the chance you will want to be on a team the following year). BUT, you must tell us by the END OF THE SELECTION PROGRAMMING CONTEST (5pm on the designated Sunday) if you want to be on a team, so if you are unsure, be prepared to make this decision on the spot.

If you participate in a Team Selection Contest we will put you on our HC3 mailing list. You can always ask us to remove you, or ask to be added even if you do not participate in a selection contest.

If you would like HC3 to participate in other contests or have other kinds of practices, please make a proposal.

Please send questions or comments to hc3-coaches@g.harvard.edu.