A team should use BOSPRE USB if its coach wants the team to and the coach provides flash drives containing BOSPRE USB. Coaches of teams that may qualify for regionals are strongly encouraged to require that their teams use BOSPRE USB. If BOSPRE USB does not work on your computer, you should use your own software instead.

BOSPRE USB Version 1 is a modified version of the UBUNTU 18.04 LTS Live CD. It must be placed on a USB flash drive (NOT a CD) and can be booted in any one of the following modes:

See FAQ for more details.

The computer that runs BOSPRE USB must have

The computer's hard drive will NOT be read or written while BOSPRE USB is running.

DOWNLOAD Download Information

The download image is about 1.9GB and consists mostly of a compressed file system, so the image cannot be further compressed.

Instructions for making a flash copy of the image in linux are here.