ACM Boston Preliminary (BOSPRE) Site Managers

The following is a list of site manager responsibilities. This list need not be followed verbatim, but should be used as a checklist.

Although the list looks long, that is because it is an exhaustive checklist including exhaustive explanations. A person day is needed to reserve the rooms, get a few student assistants, deal with the caterer, build a single simple web page from an example, and acquire a printer, plus a few other odds and ends. So including contest day, you should be able to host 5 to 10 teams in two person days (not counting student assistants during the contest).

Also note that since you will not be involved in judging, and the only action that requires professorial security is receiving and storing the problem statements, you can delegate as much as you like to trustworthy students. You can also delegate most of the before contest work to computer support staff and administrative assistants.

Bob Walton,, Wed Aug 15 02:13:42 EDT 2018