BOSPRE Printer Client

The current version of printer_client is to be tested and may change.

The printer_client program is used by a host site to print files in a BOSPRE printer queue that contains the files to be printed at that host site. The current version enables printing to be done from any linux computer equipped with a printer. The printer_client is written in bash 3.2, and should work also work on a MAC.

To use:

  1. Download:
  2. You will be given by separate email the following information that is specific to your host site:
  3. Copy the resource file (printer_client.rc) and private key file (printer_client.key) to your home directory.
  4. Edit the resource file (printer_client.rc) so it specifies
  5. Set the printer_client file to have executable permissions and run it in one window.
  6. In another window log into your test account and print some stuff. E.g., make a file `foo' and execute `print foo'.
  7. If you need documentation of printer_client, you can get it by the command `printer_client -doc'. Or you can download it from here:

It is possible to debug printer_client by running the server, printer_server, on your machine. To do this:

  1. Download into the directory that contains printer_client:
  2. Make printer_server executable. In your directory run `./printer_client printer_client_test.rc'.
  3. In a separate window make postscript files with extension .ps in the directory ~/printer_server_q. These should print (with a 30 second delay).
  4. If you need documentation of printer_server, you can get it by the command `printer_server -doc'. Or you can download it from here:
Bob Walton,, Mon Sep 9 03:55:19 EDT 2019