HC3 Prize Contest I

Problem Descriptions

Annotated Index of the Problems

The problems and their files are as follows. Note that files with extensions .txt, .html, .htm, .ps, .pdf contain problem descriptions, while Makefile files describe how the autojudge runs solutions, and other files are (typically data) files that are needed to solve the problem.

  Problem   Files
  blowfish   blowfish.txt Makefile sample.in
  gsat   gsat.txt Makefile
  hypercube   hypercube.txt Makefile
  logistic   logistic.txt Makefile
  paxos   paxos.txt paxos_theorem.txt Makefile
  prooflabel   prooflabel.txt Makefile sample.in
  serializable   serializable.txt Makefile
  solar   solar.html Makefile
  tour   tour.txt Makefile
  unify   unify.txt Makefile sample.in