The HC3 Prize Contest I is NO LONGER being run.

HC3 Prize Contest I

Practice Description

The HC3 Prize Contest I offers a prize of Computer Science related books of your choice, subject to a price limit of $50, to Harvard College students who complete 10 problems successfully ($50 can go a long way at There are some limitations below on the number of prizes that may be given out.

The problems in this contest are primarily educational, and not overly difficult. They are most useful for broadening your algorithmic education. Other HC3 Prize Contests may have more difficult problems and larger prizes.

Submissions may be made by email or using an account obtained from the contest manager, but only submissions by Harvard Undergrduates made from an account will count toward a prize.

If you are a Harvard Undergraduate you may obtain an account from the contest manager: (that's seas and NOT fas)

The contest rules are

Also note:

If you have questions email the manager of this web page at