Problem Descriptions

Annotated Index of the Problems

The problems and their files are as follows. Note that files with extensions .txt, .html, .htm, .ps, .pdf contain problem descriptions, while Makefile files describe how the autojudge runs solutions, and other files are (typically data) files that are needed to solve the problem.

  Problem   Files
  annual   annual.txt Makefile sample.test
  bubblegram   bubblegram.txt sample.pdf Makefile display_bubblegram display_bubbles print_bubbles sample.test
  collatz2   collatz2.txt Makefile sample.test
  convexpainter   convexpainter.txt sample.pdf Makefile display_canvas display_convexpainter print_canvas sample.test
  cuneiform   cuneiform.txt Makefile sample.test
  flowman   flowman.txt Makefile sample.flow sample.test
  jmaze   jmaze.txt sample.pdf Makefile display_jmaze display_maze print_maze sample.test
  railgun   railgun.txt Makefile display_railgun display_trajectory sample.test
  treesearch   sample.pdf treesearch.txt Makefile display_tree locator print_tree sample.test sample.trace
  trisurvey   sample.pdf trisurvey.txt Makefile display_survey display_trisurvey print_survey sample.test
  whoosh   sample.pdf whoosh.txt Makefile sample.test