BOSPRE Practice Facility

Practice Description

This facility has three purposes:

The problems here have been chosen to have an educational flavor. For example, there are problems that are in effect very short courses in string hash functions, Huffman encoding, game search, feature structures, and the Curry-Howard isomorphism.

The problems are judged, or `graded' if you like, by an autojudge that runs your solution against test data. If your solution is incorrect, the autojudge will return to you the input and output of the first test case that failed.

There is a scoreboard that gives two kinds of scores for each person who submits problems. One score is simply your number of correct submissions. The other, called the ranking score, is a measure of how often you have submitted incorrect solutions for problems you later got correct.

You may submit solutions by email. Or you may get an account if you are a team registered for a BOSPRE contest or participating in any contest in the Northeastern North America ACM Contest Region. More details are given in the Practice Descriptions for account holders or email submitters referenced below.

Prospective entrants to BOSPRE contests are given accounts for this facility, so that they can familiarize themselves with the BOSPRE contest environment. Such entrants should firmly note that failed test case input/output feedback of the kind described above will NOT be available during the BOSPRE contest itself, and problem solution times will be used to compute a ranking score in place of using of the number of incorrect solutions. BOSPRE is an ACM contest, and to better understand the differences between this practice facility and BOSPRE see the help file on acm_contests.

The problems here were initally given at a Boston Preliminary (BOSPRE) Programming Contest or one of its predecessors. Note these are preliminary contests in a two round regional contest, and the problems are mostly not as hard as those in a regional contest.

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