ACM Boston Preliminary (BOSPRE 2016)
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MIT Building 26
MIT Building 26
Host Site for BOSPRE 2015
IMPORTANT: Building May Change!

  • All registered teams will be given a practice account for the BOSPRE Practice Facility. Please use this to familiarize yourself with the programming environment and contest procedures before you come. Also please see the help files below before you come, and please print the help and demo files specific to the programming language(s) you want to use, and bring these printouts with you to the contest. It is also possible to use the practice facility without an account, by emailing problem solutions to the facility autojudge.
  • BOSPRE 2016 is a cooperative effort between TO BE DETERMINED, which are the host sites, and Harvard, which provides judging and problems using the net.
  • When you register for BOSPRE 2016 you will NOT be assigned a hosting site. This will be done by the BOSPRE 2016 managers the weekend before the contest. Some issues are: (1) some hosting sites are easier for some teams to drive to than other sites, (2) some teams may be able to travel by subway or bus to some sites but not others, and (3) two teams from the same school go to the same hosting site.
  • Although BOSPRE 2016 will have multiple hosting sites, there will be only one scoreboard and all teams at all BOSPRE 2016 hosting sites will be competing against each other.
  • There will be $75 per team registration fee. It needs to be high enough so the team and coach can be well feed by a caterer.
  • The Harvard teams will attend BOSPRE (to save travel money). To avoid conflict of interest, Bob Walton will not coach the Harvard teams for BOSPRE (but will for the Regionals). To provide approprate practice for everyone who wants it, the last 2 (or 3 if requested) BOSPRE contests will be made available as practice contests to ALL teams registered for BOSPRE. Your coach will be sent account names and passwords for these practice contests when they are available.
  • There is a BOSPRE Practice Facility that is up year-round.
  • Each member of each team, BEFORE the team arrives at the contest, should read the following help files:

    You should also read the help and demos files specific to your programming language that are on the Help Page.

    Of course its OK to not do this if you are less concerned about being competitive.

    IMPORTANT: You are responsible for printing from the web any language (C, C++, JAVA) specific help and demos files you need, and bringing them to the contest. Printouts of the above listed non-language specific help files will be provided to you at the contest.

  • No activities are planned for team coaches, but if any want to plan something, e.g., lunch, they can email all the BOSPRE team coaches at once at the mail drop coaches<>
  • The Northeastern North America Regional web page is here.
  • Last year's BOSPRE 2015 web page is still hanging around: here.
  • To contact the managers of BOSPRE 2016, email adm<>